Islamic Prayers  

Islam is a monotheistic religion based on revelations received by the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century, which were later recorded in the Qur'an (Koran), Islam's sacred text. The faith spread rapidly and today Islam is the second largest religion in the world. The Arabic word islam means "submission," reflecting the religion's central tenet of submitting to the will of God. Islamic practices are defined by the Five Pillars of Islam: faith, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and alms. 1


An Islamic Prayer for Peace

In the Name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful: Praise be to the Lord of the Universe
who has created us and made us into tribes and nations that we may know each other,
not that we may despise each other.
If the enemy incline towards peace, do thou also incline towards peace, and trust in God,
for the Lord is one that hears and knows all things.
And the servants of God Most Gracious are those who walk on the Earth in humility,
and when we address them, we say, "Peace." 
 - U.N. Day of Prayer for World Peace 2


Muslim Prayer for Peace

O God, O our Master!
You Have eternal life and Everlasting peace by your essence and attributes.
The everlasting peace is from you And it returns to you, O our Sustainer!
Grant us the life of True peace and usher us into The abode of peace.
O Glorious and Bounteous One!
You are blessed and sublime.
 - Muslim Prayer


Through the Silence of Nature

Through the silence of nature,
I attain Thy divine peace.
0 sublime nature,
in thy stillness let my heart rest.
Thou art patiently awaiting the moment
to manifest through the silence of sublime nature.
0 nature sublime, speak to me through silence,
for I am awaiting in silence like you the call of God.
0 nature sublime,
through thy silence I hear Thy cry.
My heart is tuned to the quietness,
that the stillness of nature inspires.
 - Hazrat Inayat Khan


God is the Light

God is the light
of the heavens and the earth.
The smile of God's light
is like a niche in which is a lamp,
the lamp in a globe of glass,
the globe of glass as if it were a shining star,
lit from a blessed olive tree
neither of the East nor of the West,
its light nearly luminous
even if fire did not touch it.
Light upon light!
 - The Qur'an (24:35)- al 'nuur - the light


Sufi Prayer for Peace

Send Thy peace, O Lord, which is perfect and everlasting,
that our souls may radiate peace.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that we may think, act,
and speak harmoniously.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that we may be contented
and thankful for Thy bountiful gifts.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that amidst our worldly strife
we may enjoy thy bliss.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that we may endure all,
tolerate all in the thought of thy grace and mercy.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that our lives may become a
divine vision, and in Thy light all darkness may vanish.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, our Father and Mother, that we
Thy children on earth may all unite in one family.
 - Sufi Prayer


Oh God, You Are Peace

Oh God,
You are peace.
From you comes peace,
To you returns peace.
Revive us with a salutation of peace,
And lead us to your abode of peace.
 - Prophet Muhammad


Prayer for Peace in the World

O You, the almighty Sun, whose light clears away all clouds,
We take refuge in You, king of all men, God of all deities, Lord of all angels.
We pray You, dispel the mist of illusion from the hearts of the nations and lift their lives by Your all-sufficient power.
Pour upon them Your limitless love, Your ever-shining light, Your everlasting life, Your heavenly joy and Your perfect peace.
 - Hazrat Inayat Khan



Lord, the air smells good today,
straight from the mysteries
the garden
of God.
The trees in their prayer,
the birds in praise,
the first blue violets,
 - Sufi mystic poet Rumi


O God, Make Us a Light

O God, illuminate our hearts with light,
our eyes with light and our ears with light;
and let there be light on our right and light on our left.
Let there be light above us and light below us;
let there be light in front of us and light behind us.
O God, make us a light.
 - The Prophet’s Prayer


Quotes and Inspirations

The whole earth has been made a mosque and pure for me.
 - Bukhari

I believe in the religion of Islam. I believe in Allah and peace. 
 - Muhammad Ali

A man once asked the Prophet what was the best thing in Islam, and the latter replied,
‘It is to feed the hungry and to give the greeting of peace to those one knows and to those one does not know’.
 - Hadith of Bukhari

And it is He who spread out the earth, and set thereon mountains standing firm and flowing rivers; and fruit of every kind He made in pairs, two and two; He draweth the night as a veil over the Day. Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who consider.
 - The Qur'an (13:3)

Have you not seen how God sends rain down from the sky, making the earth green?
God is indeed the All-Knowing, the All-Encompassing, and commands all that is in the heavens
and on the earth.
 - The Qur'an (22:63)

Greater indeed than the creation of man is the creation of the heavens and the earth.
 - The Qur'an (40:57)

It is He who produces gardens with trellises and without, and dates and tilth with produce of all kinds, and olives and pomegranates similar and different. Eat of their fruit in their season, but render the dues that are proper on the day that the harvest is gathered. And waste not by excess: for Allah loves not the wasters.
 - (Surah 6:141)

It is He who has appointed you viceroys in the earth… that He may try you in what He has given you.
 - (Surah 6:165)

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the earth.
 - Rumi

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.
 - Rumi

The earth is made a place for our prayers, and its soil is made for our purification.
 - Prophet Muhammad


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